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WOS-Jesus Juice WOS-Jesus Juice

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice, but

I didn't quite get it. It just seemed like another clock flash? At the beginning when you have those 2 clocks with the '<3' sign over their heads, I thought you were going to elaborate on that to make it at least have a little bit of a love storyline or something. The music denoted that it would, at least =/

You did a good job though. Just try to make an apparent point to your movies =)

Arskagarf responds:

It was music. In today's world music doesn't need to have a point for it to be raped by the media.

Waiter Waiter

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Haha, awesome.

I liked the audio, and it was pretty damned funny. I also liked the simplicity of the animation, the arm up one frame and down another really added to the funniness of the flash =) The only thing your lacking is music. Look around the AP in the 'jazz' section or something and you'll find some fine audio to use in your next flash like this, if you plan to do one. Or, you could just PM me and I could make you some custom audio =D

Great work! Simple flashes own.

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Coaly responds:

thanks for the review, I don't know about adding music...I guess I could try it if I make another funny movie.

Mcdonalds Advertisement Mcdonalds Advertisement

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Haha, awesome!

This was great. I thought I was going to be dissapointed, because I thought you were going to make fun of the fact that McDonalds is a very greasy restaurant. But, I seriously love how you made it 'ganster'. I read on the other reviews how the audio wasn't yous, but who really cares? It was animated pretty damned smoothly =D

Great work, keep it up! Could ya check out my audio here on newgrounds? I think you'd appreciate it as much as I would =)

Evan responds:

Thanks =D Sure, I'll check out your stuff

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The house hou ho h The house hou ho h

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice. Very trip.

Trip is good, trust me. Even though there are a few things that I would like to hear in this song.

It seems that you are making the instruments go to extreme lows, so that it sounds like they are just simply distortion. I'd like to actually hear the instruments that you have going, since they sound like they have a lot of content, and coul be worth listening to.

Of course, you fix that later, but its just those beginning instruments that bug me.

Could you check out my newest song called 'Battle Theme (LoD)' please? I'd really appreciate it if you did =)

Heres the URL:

Thanks! I plan to hear from you soon, man. Keep up the good work!

FoxTechno responds:

Hey cheers man for your reviews, on this track those back instruments where atully put on the main base line on the korg system allready , so i coundent really sort it and make it higher volume.

Im afraid the track abouve is gonna be my last ever track uploaded on here.

You'll be able to find me on my own website or find loads of new music on at and and my new album is relesed in dec, in itunes napster, and mager music sites.

cheers fox..

Terminal Velocity(v1.0) Terminal Velocity(v1.0)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very trance =)

Its good to hear a few people here on the site that know what they are doing when they are making trance. A very nice groove you have going on in the entire body of the song, and I really do enjoy it. Has my head bobbin'.

The song is very well produced and everything, but I found it hard to catch hold of the beat of the arpeggio that you had going in the beginnnig, which I would have liked to have had a grasp on.

The filter touches you added on the melody instrument were good, but theres a little knob that says 'Q' on the Fruity Free Filter, make sure thats low. That means low resonance, and low resonace means that people save their ears cause it won't be ringing when it filters in and out.

Good work! I really enjoyed this track.

Could you check out my song called 'Battle Theme (LoD)' and leave a review for it? I'd really appreciate the feedback =)

Theres the URL for it =D I look foreward to hearing from you soon, good sir.

Keep up the good work!

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Metal Tech(Full, fixed) Metal Tech(Full, fixed)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

No reviews?

You should really build up some hype for a full version before you actually make one or two of them =P Next time, maybe try to get a bunch of people to listne to the song, and get them to review and stuff and get them excited for the full thing. Then when you submit the full thing, you get lots of reviews and stuff =)

Anyways, this song is really good, even though I really wold ahve prefered to hear a real guitar, and some nicer drum samples. I really don't like the Fruity Loops drum presets.

Although the guitar part is really well written. Major props for that, man.

Could you check out and review my newest song called 'Battle Theme (LoD)' please? I'd really like to get some feedback on it =)

Thats the URL. I plan to hear from you soon =D Keep up the good work!

Tom-Fanboy responds:

Well I'm using the Demo version of Fruit Loops and the only drawback is that I cannot save an editable form of the music, just and mp3 or .wav. So all music is done in one sitting, so I had to move on due to a virus that needed for me to restart my comp to fix. So yeah no real time to build up hype unless I want to reconstruct it from scratch.

So yeah I'm still learning effects. I would submit my real guitar stuff but the recordings are done via headset mic so yeah...major quality issues.

Trying to get more elaborate in my songs, I'll check your stuff out, thanks.